The ever questioning mind of a child is not satisfied by just propounding theory. Theory complemented with practical experiment and inference forms the best mode of education. Labs at APS are well equipped and built with the purpose of resolving the problems.

Computer Lab

The school has a well maintained computer section with 90 computers on the network. Every effort is being made to utilize the available facilities and develop computer awareness in each and every student. Computer Science is offered as an elective subject at +2 stage. The Child Computer ratio is 1:1.The school also has Broadband Internet Connection spread out to number of Machines to provide latest information in the field of Technology.

Physics Lab

The Spacious and bright Physics Lab is the favourite haunt for all the Newtons in the making where they experiment and come out with new inferences.

Chemistry Lab

A well equipped Chemistry Lab, operational with test tubes and other common apparatus finds many inspiring scientists engrossed in experimentation. Apart from these, the Lab is modernized.

Biology Lab

A very interesting corner of learning where unfolds the greatest mysteries of life. It is here that each young learner watches with wonder the first signs of life under the microscope.

Social Science Lab

The Lab Block houses a well resourced Social Science Lab with Maps, Charts, OHP, survey reports globes and other teaching aids where the students can travel up the blue Nile with their fingers tracing the route through the hills,valleys,deserts and oceans.

English Lab

English is the language of the world.Your child should speak it fluently.We constantly improve the child's vocabulary,pronunciation, diction and expression in language.We also get them to get rid of stage fright fear and build confidence

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